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Inclusiv/Communities and the African American Credit Union Initiative is a network of small and faith-based credit unions serving predominantly African American communities in the New York Metro Area. Building upon decades of community-led financial empowerment work in traditionally underserved neighborhoods, nine credit unions are working with Inclusiv to expand their positive economic impact by bringing safe, affordable and personally relevant financial services to a wider group of individuals and families from the local community.

Credit unions got their start in the 1930s as a way for communities to grow and support themselves, in a time when many communities of color and less-affluent neighborhoods were excluded from using banks, mortgage lenders and insurance companies. With the goal of neighbors helping neighbors, the credit union movement grew throughout the Civil Rights era and beyond, as church congregations and community groups across the country began forming these financial cooperatives to serve as community-driven engines of economic opportunity.

Many of these early small and faith-based credit unions – including several Inclusiv/Communities credit unions featured on this site – not only remain open today, but also continue to serve a critical function in their communities, providing access to safe and affordable financial services, and acting as a force for economic empowerment and inclusion.

Hyper-local, community-based and African American credit unions are, and will continue to be, some of the best tools we have to strengthen our communities and fight back against the growing divide of income inequality and the racial wealth gap. That’s because economic advantages – including higher income, less debt, more home equity, retirement savings – grow over time, creating wealth that gets passed on to the next generation.

Credit unions, and Inclusiv/Communities credit unions in particular, are the right choice to help you and your family build assets and credit, manage debt, and lay the foundations for building generational wealth.

Inclusiv (the new name of National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions) was organized over 40 years ago by primarily minority credit unions to represent the unique needs of traditionally underserved communities and the credit unions that serve them. Inclusiv believes that diversity among credit unions, our leaders and our members makes our movement stronger and guarantees the relevance of “the credit union difference” for all people, especially those whose families and neighborhoods have historically been excluded from accessing financial services and other traditional wealth-building opportunities.

Inclusiv/Communities in New York is made possible through a generous contribution by Citi Community Development.

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